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Welcome to LUMINOUS :: LAURA MENNELL ONLINE a site dedicated to Canadian actress and activist Laura Mennell.
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Your only premiere source for laura mennell

Okay so I’ve been accused of being able to edit my comments section on this site. Here is the bottom line on that one, are you ready for it…. Any comments posted on this site are left in their entirety and in the original form in which they were posted. As you can see on my post HERE where Laura answered the Actors Studio Questionnaire, I have not edited Lizzy’s comment. I did not edit her form nor her punctuation, nor her original intent. With the exception of hate speech, Anti-Semetic comments, racist comments, and other low brow mind-sets, I will not edit comments. I have this thing about freedom of speech and allowing that freedom in terms of hanging yourself or not. So when I’m accused of being able to edit comments, generally yes I can, however, I will not with the exception of the above mentioned forms of hate speech, or general douchy behaviour. As for Tumblr, one can also edit comments or change the original intent of the reblogged item. So when I’m accused of being able to edit comments… I’ll throw that one back at the accuser and say so can users on Tumblr.

As for protecting tweets, see this is the reason I’m fighting this one. I have not relied on a nickname to hide behind. I have no reason to hide and anything else posted as far as a direct message is again, bogus because nowhere in that new direct message am I attacking or being a mean ole meanie. Again the mind boggles

Onto the final proof of my villainy. Two direct messages where I more or less am positive and saying things that are in no way threatening nor negative. If someone can point to anywhere in these dms where I was in any way yelling, calling names, being negative, expressing anger, then please do point it out. Until then I will stick to my guns and state I have acted in all ways above board with this person. Oh, and notice the above part where I bid him “Nite”.

mydmtwitter pissingcontest

Still grasping at straws under a nickname. Yeah, right! Saying that we both honour Laura apparently is somehow verbotten. I’d love to quote Kafka here, but…….

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