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I’m aware there are some sites that are taking my screencaps from the gallery and posting them on their sites as their own. I’m only going to say this once, while I don’t mind you doing so, I’d like to post a credit back to this site for the work I’ve done in bringing you Laura’s work from MOTIVE. I have a ton of HQ images of Laura from ALPHAS but have not posted them due to the proclivity of some to do this very thing. Those images I paid a lot of money for and will not allow them to be taken without some credit given for providing them. I can tell who you are via my control panel inside this site. I can block you from viewing if I choose, which I’m truly hoping I don’t have to do. I’m also hoping I don’t have to take action against those who have done this to stop you from viewing the gallery.

Now onto something that happened tonight via my Twitter account. Someone tweeted me regarding why I’ve ‘suddenly’ started the site back up. I’ve been able to A) get a hold of Laura’s work on MOTIVE and B) I have the time to do so. I am a woman who has family issues and other personal things going on in my life and for a very long time, those things have been taking up a lot of my time. The time I haven’t had to devote to my online pursuits. I finally have that time and since Laura’s work on MOTIVE is not as labour intensive as it was on ALPHAS, I am posting screencaps. It’s that simple. As for this person’s contention I am not ‘friendly’ with Laura’s fans…I am friendly to those who show me respect. I was also told I don’t follow this person’s twitter feed. There may be a myriad of reasons I don’t follow any one Twitter account. Given my busy schedule I have had to un-follow many of the former accounts I have because quite frankly, I just don’t have the time. The accounts I do follow on Twitter are the main ones I want to follow. Again, simple to understand. I also do not and will not have ‘chat’ sessions on Twitter because of their 140 character limit. Makes having meaningful and concise conversations a little hard. Someone even had the audacity to say I might perhaps be jealous of this person’s fan page. I am not. I have built this full-blown site as a dedication to Laura and being a Canadian myself, I wanted to make a site dedicated to her to celebrate that Canadian-ness in us. To whit, I also have a site dedicated to Canadian Aboriginal actor Adam Beach, but have had very little time to work on it due to time constraints. So no one should even think they can glean anything from the activity or non-activity of any of my sites. Lastly, I was asked by this person why I did not accept ‘help’ from this person regarding screencaps from Laura’s other pre-ALPHAS work. Simply, there is a certain way I screencap and there are certain frames I keep in order to show copyright and give that proper credit back to the production company and or creators of the original work. While I cite Fair Use in the sidebar, I also like to give the proper respect to the original creators via providing end cards of production companies, television channels, etc. I also like to include Laura’s name credit in the opening. This way I pay respect to both the original creators and to Laura, herself. Also it’s not my site if all the work that has gone into it is not mine exclusively. This is exactly the reason I will never accept a co-web on any of my sites. I do not trust anyone with my work for a site I pay for. I pay for the domain and the space that houses the site. This is not like starting a Blogspot or Tumblr page for free. I pay for my hosting and my domains. Finally I will not reply to anyone on the Twitter who does not have the decency to write me via this site to discuss issues like these. If you’d like to respond to this post, feel free.

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Looks like Laura and Warren were in their own islands this week. No two-shot pretty. Ah well, can’t have it all. I’m truly hoping they make Laura more of a regular than these one or two scenes. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but. Here are Laura’s screencaps from this week’s MOTIVE. Episode title, Abandoned.


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I have Laura’s latest episode of MOTIVE for you. Episode eight called Angels With Dirty Faces with Laura looking stunning as usual. Not much of her and I’m hoping her role increases over the season.


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Here are Laura’s first two episodes of MOTIVE as Samantha Turner. I know there have been a severe lack of updates but up until now I haven’t had anything really to post. I’ll try to keep Laura’s work on MOTIVE as current as I can. Hopefully she’ll have a larger role, but it’s nice to see her and Warren Christie reunited. I still miss ALPHAS. Seeing them here is kind of painful as to where ALPHAS might have gone after the Black Swan event.


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Laura is now on the CTV show MOTIVE. I’ll try to get her screencaps up in the gallery. For right now I have an article she did regarding the show and her reuniting with her ALPHAS co-star Warren Christie who played Cameron Hicks. Why must they tease? I so loved ALPHAS and miss Nina and Hicks so much. How ’bout you?

Legal Aid: Interview with Motive’s Laura Mennell

It was back in 2011 that the beautiful and talented Laura Mennell was cast in her first regular TV role playing Nina Theroux, a woman with the ability to mentally “push” other people to do precisely what she wanted in Syfy’s Alphas. Prior to that, the actress appeared in several other series as well as made-for-TV movies and a variety of feature films including Watchmen and Elegy. This past month, she made her debut as Samantha Turner, a star prosecutor working with Vancouver’s Metro Police Department in season two of the CTV police procedural TV drama Motive. The series stars Kristin Lehman as Detective Angie Flynn and a few other faces that were already very familiar to Mennell.

“One of the nicest things for me about starting work on Motive was when I came to the cast read-through of my first script,” recalls Mennell. “There was this wonderful sense of familiarity with many of the other people in the room. Warren Christie [Sergeant Mark Cross] was there, who I’d worked with on Alphas, as well as Lauren Holly [Dr. Betty Rogers], who guest starred on Alphas. Another fellow actor/friend of mine, Brendan Penny [Detective Brian Lucas], who I had worked with on [the movie] Hard Ride to Hell, was there, too, along with one of Motive’s producers, Rob LaBelle who played Wally Weaver in Watchmen.

“So there were a number of recognizable faces all around me, which is always a good way to start the day and a new project. Also, my first scene was with Warren and Kristin, who is fantastic as Angie. I love her character; she plays this great kickass detective and at the same time manages to bring an amazing sense of humor to her performance.

“I had previously tried out for another character on Motive, and I’m guessing that’s why they [the show’s producers] brought me in to play Samantha Turner. My character is involved to a certain extent with Mark Cross, and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be terrific to work with Warren again, but what are the odds?’ So I just went in there and enjoyed the audition process. Everyone was super-sweet and I was pleasantly surprised to land the job.”

Introduced in the second season Motive episode “Deception,” Samantha Turner is working on a high-profile criminal case involving Sergeant Mark Cross, with whom she subsequently becomes romantically involved. Samantha is well-respected by Angie Flynn and the other detectives, but she can sometimes be on the opposite side of the fence when their respective professional interests clash. Angie was also once romantically involved with Mark, and because she and Samantha tend to disagree when it comes to the sergeant, it creates a bit of on-the-job tension. Although Mennell’s character is totally at home in a courtroom, it took the actress a little time to get used to being a legal eagle.

“Samantha is a strong, intelligent woman who is highly committed to her job as a prosecutor, and playing a prosecutor is something new to me,” explains the actress. “There are always pieces of jargon that come with the territory, and that was a fascinating challenge to wrap my head around as I went through the education process of learning about my character.

“Samantha is very specific to the storyline,” continues Mennell. “I don’t want to reveal too much, but throughout the season, my character works alongside Angie as well as Detectives Vega [Louis Ferreira] and Lucas. She might not always have the easiest time obtaining the necessary information for the important case that she’s working on, and things get more interesting for her as we get closer to the end of the season. I’ve had a great time playing her. I’m in eight episodes, and it’s been a pleasure to come into a well-written show with a talented cast and just enjoy my time there. What I especially love about Motive is that it’s a Canadian series that is actually set here, in this instance, Vancouver. It’s a well-written production that looks fantastic and has been doing really well in the ratings, so it was a joy to be a part of it.”

As she is currently doing in Motive, the actress made quite an impact onscreen as Nina Theroux in the aforementioned Alphas. Mennell has nothing but fond memories of her involvement with that series.

“Alphas was a really unique TV show to be a part of,” she enthuses. “Honestly, we had a wonderful group of people and we, the cast and crew, always loved working together and enjoyed one another. I thought my character of Nina had a terrific story arc, and I especially loved the second season when she started to revert back to her darker, more problematic behavior, and as a result, we got to learn more about her past. Nina was just an interesting, intricate individual, and I will always treasure that part of my life and working on Alphas.”

Motive currently airs Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST/PST on Canada’s CTV Network. Please note, all photos above copyright of CTV/Bell Media.


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I’ve added both of Laura’s SMALLVILLE episodes to the gallery. They’re both very small appearances but she looks stunning none the less.

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