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I had these done on Halloween, but I had a bit of a personal issue I had to deal with and things just got behind. So here is one of Laura’s first films. Here she’s positively horrid as Susan LeGrow, The Bound Woman in this stylish film from director Steve Beck. The film is quite unique in its design and how it utilizes the steampunk look in the machines the world uses. It’s a good film, very scary when you see it for the first time. I know it has callbacks to a trilogy of films I remember from the late 80s and early 90s. Those were the Hellraiser films based on the original novella The Hellbound Heart written by horror genius Clive Barker. The whole house set reminds me of a giant Lamarchand’s Configuration Box from the films. And of course Laura had a very small “blink and you’ll miss her” role.

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I’ve uploaded stills and screencaps from the trailer and film of Laura’s new work LIMINA. Here Laura plays the part of Lois. The film was crowdfunded by Joshua M. Ferguson and Florian Halbedl. You can find links to it in the sidebar under Projects. The film is an independent project and premiered on June 4, 2016 in a private screening. So far there is no news on a wide release, but I’ll keep you posted. Laura looks so luminous in this film based on the trailer.

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I have Laura’s episode of the DC series LEGENDS OF TOMORROW where she played the part of Gail Knox. While it was a blink-and-you-miss-her scene, I did manage to grab enough frames to upload to the gallery. Laura was largely very pretty and I loved how she looks in the 50s era costuming. Reminded me of her role of Jenny Slater in THE WATCHMEN.

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One more for you for the weekend. I thought I’d cap up Laura’s scenes in the film WATCHMEN. Here she played Dr. Janey Slater who was in love with Billy Crudup’s character of Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman. May I say next to the Engineers in the film Prometheus, Crudup fulfilled so many naughty thoughts. Though I’m a huge Marvel fan, I’d have to say that this film was enjoyable to watch. So many characters particularly Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character of Edward Blake/Comedian to chew scenery as Morgan is so capable of doing. Laura looked so petty here. The scene where she threw the earrings at Manhattan was sad. Stop doing that to me Laura. The screencaps are from the BluRay version with a resolution of 1920×800. I hope you like.



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