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So I found this post on John’s Laura fanpage. You know THAT John. The one who is Laura’s stalker. Yep. That one. Remember the series of Twitter DMs where he claimed I was “super negative” about him. Well it seems he cannot get over the fact I could care less about his little hissy fits. He’s once again at it. I set up a Twitter account for this site, intending on it being another avenue to post updates to this site for Laura’s fans to see. I wanted to split it from my own account because I want it to be about my other pursuits as well as a launching platform for my intended writing career. So I’m just living my life and come across another bit of lunacy from this guy. Apparently he thinks I’m “crazy and disturbed”. This because I happened to retweet a video of a former FBI chief saying that 9/11 was an inside job. Hey John if you’re reading this, which I know you likely are, I’m not the only one who believes this. Perhaps you should stop the idol worship and pick up a book for once. I’ll give you a starter, and even link it to an article. Investigate The Gulf of Tonkin Incident. In this article from The Guardian in England, it states that this attack on American forces in the Gulf of Tonkin in Southeast Asia, sparked the escalation of the Vietnam War (1945-1975). It was a false flag incident the US Army likes to call a “misinterpreted event”. Quite frankly they lied. This escalation caused 58,000+ men to lose their lives in another illegal war much like Iraq. However, nothing like allowing contractors to pad their bank accounts with pillaging Buddhist temples and selling artifacts on the black market. Couple that with the drug trade in the Iron Triangle of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and you’ve got a good cocktail of what is wrong with American in terms of its greed. Nothing like sending a bunch of unwelcome coloured young boys to fight a White Man’s war. Reality there hon. And don’t try to argue with me. I’ve studied The Vietnam War. Nothing about it was righteous. Nothing about the invasion of Iraq was right either, except that GW Bush wanted to punish Saddam Hussien because he “tried to kill my daddy”. So now the Middle East is as unstable as you are. When the former FBI chief who said this. His name is Ted Gunderson. And he’s not the only one who thinks this. Many other people thought it including the late Pat Tillman, a young man who signed up for the Army Rangers after the attacks and who was summarily killed in a not-so-friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan because of his journals where he was writing all about what was really happening in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Tillman’s journals were burned before his family could get them back. Wonder why?

This is what happens when you don’t read honey. Pick up a history book at time or ten. You might learn something other than making gifs of an actress. Like I said in another post, I have many sites on many people because there are many people I like. I don’t try to starfuck. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to do that and declined because I have ethics. Those ethics involve not being blind to all else, including life and history. By the way I have studied Russian History as well as English and European history. I do understand you have a learning disorder, but that gives you no right to say things like you have. You have to learn that what you say has consequences. I don’t give a good crap whether you go boo hooing to mommy or Laura. I’m tired of your crap. I know you’d like nothing better than to have Laura all to yourself. But that is stalker mentality honey. I don’t care to do that. Like I said in another post, if this site is idle for any length of time, it’s not because I don’t care about it, it’s because in the last year I’ve had a lot to cope with. There’s only one website right now I’m updating regularly. I’ve not abandoned this site. My updates are in the gallery though I haven’t made a main post about them. You know I was ready to let bygones be bygones, but with your posting of that little screenshot of my Twitter feed, I’m thinking perhaps of leaving my blocks on. You made that post five months ago. That would have made it October. I started the account in September. I blocked you in September. That means you deliberately went through my feed after my blocking you to find that particular set of tweets I made in 2013, and 2016. That means while I was living my life, you combed through my feed to find those two specific tweets that “proved” my “instability”. All that proves is that I have a mind of my own and use it, and you are an obsessive compulsive jerk in need of help. Talk about crazy and disturbed.

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