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There’s word that Laura’s show LOUDERMILK will get a third life. Having been abandoned by Audience, it seems Amazon Prime will be picking up the third season. Great news I think. The only thing from all places, The Hollywood Reporter misspelled Laura’s name. They’ve got Mendel, not Mennell. Honestly!

‘Loudermilk,’ Abandoned Audience Network Comedy, Finds New Home at Amazon

The unaired third season will debut on the streamer, which has also picked up library rights to the first two cycles of the Ron Livingston-led comedy.

Loudermilk, the Ron Livingston comedy that was left in purgatory when AT&T’s Audience Network was rebranded last year as an HBO Max preview channel, has found a new home.

Amazon Studios has acquired all three seasons of the comedy from creators Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort. Seasons one and two — which aired in 2017 and 2018 on Audience Network — will begin streaming Friday on Amazon. Season three of the series about a former music critic and recovering alcoholic turned substance abuse counselor will debut at a date to be determined. (Season three is currently airing in Canada and has yet to air in the U.S.)

Loudermilk was renewed for a third season in late 2018 and wrapped production amid Audience Network’s shift to an HBO Max preview channel. Rather than import Audience Network originals — like Loudermilk, You Me Her, Condor and David E. Kelley’s Mr. Mercedes — to HBO Max, the shows have remained in purgatory as producers sought new homes for them. Mr. Mercedes, for example, moved to Peacock as a library title though it remains unclear if the drama will go on for additional seasons.

“I could not be more pleased that Loudermilk is finding a second life on Prime Video,” Farrelly said. “It’s a show that I’m extremely proud of and one that deserves to be seen by all. I would argue that it has the best ensemble cast on television and deserves to be in the conversation with Schitt’s Creek and Cobra Kai, shows that started on one network but found a much wider audience on another. This show is going to give you binge-watching at its best!”

Sony Pictures Television distributes the show globally. Will Sasso, Laura Mendel, Anja Savcic, Brian Regan and Mat Fraser co-star in the series. Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly share directing duties. Big Branch Productions’ Bart Peters and Mark Burg also exec produce the series.

As for other Audience Network originals, there’s still no word on streaming homes for Greg Poehler comedy You Me Her or drama Condor.

Audience Network launched in 1999 as Fairview, a premium channel offered to DirecTV subscribers and part of the satellite provider’s subscription package. It was rebranded as The 101 Network in 2005 and became Audience Network in 2011. In 2018, when AT&T bought DirecTV, the channel was offered to the former’s cable subscribers. Originals came in 2007 when DirecTV swooped in to help save Friday Night Lights from cancellation, with Audience Network having first-run rights before episodes were broadcast on NBC. The network later acquired Damages following FX’s decision to cancel the drama. Former programming chief Chris Long led Audience Network into scripted originals in 2011 with Rogue, followed shortly afterward by the critical darling Kingdom.

Loudermilk becomes the latest series to jump networks to Amazon, which last year picked up long-gestating TNT drama Tell Me Your Secrets after the WarnerMedia-backed basic cable network declined to air it on linear or streaming.


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Sorry for the interruption in between postings. I had a minor glitch under the hood and tried to fix it. Since it really doesn’t affect the site per se, I thought I’d just leave it and continue posting. Next event…..

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I have the start of a slew of event images of Laura I’ve added to the gallery. The first are from Laura’s publicity for her television series LOUDERMILK.

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We finally have a new layout for the site. My special thanks to Kaci at KaciElizabeth Designs. Kaci creates affordable and beautiful designs for website creators who are in a bit of a pickle for layouts. I love the colours and the images Kaci chose of Laura for the header. Thank you Kaci for helping me out of a bind and for helping behind the scenes with coding. You’re a champion. Going forward I’m hoping to begin uploading all images I have of Laura from her various events surrounding PROJECT BLUE BOOK‘s creation and debut, plus any and all screencaps I have from her work. Please be patient as I roll these out. Thanks so much for sticking with me during this whole process and thank you to Laura for just being you.

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First of all so sorry for the lack of updates. I know VAN HELSING aired it’s season two premiere, but I haven’t been able to see it yet, let alone cap it up for the gallery. When I do I’ll post that plus a HQ still I have. Again so sorry. For now here is an article about Laura’s new series LOUDERMILK where she plays Allison. I might have some promo shots and posters from the series. When that comes on I’ll have the screencaps for you as the show airs. I’m also working on a new layout. Not sure what I’m going to be doing…..

2 new comedies: ‘Loudermilk’ full of laughs, ‘Hit the Road’ just full of it

By David Wiegand The San Francisco Chronicle
October 13, 2017 Updated: October 13, 2017 1:37pm

Sam Loudermilk doesn’t care a whit if you like him. Ken Swallow will do almost anything to win you over.

The lead characters of the new AT&T Audience Network comedies, “Loudermilk” and “Hit the Road,” couldn’t be more unalike. The two shows couldn’t be more unalike either, as you’ll see when they premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 17: “Loudermilk” is a sweet-and-sour gem. “Hit the Road” is television roadkill.

Sam Loudermilk (Ron Livingston) is a former rock journalist and recovering alcoholic who now works as a substance abuse counselor, holding group meetings at a local Catholic church. He is brash, antisocial, irritating, impatient, irascible, generally indifferent to what others think of him and a counterintuitively likable antihero. He rooms with his sponsor, Ben (Will Sasso), regularly tests the patience of Father Michael (Eric Keenleyside) and exercises tough love when it comes to working with his recovery group. He’s as misanthropic about his personal life as he is about his job. Yet, in spite of the fact that he offends new neighbor Allison (Laura Mennell) at their first meeting, she ends up liking the guy. Grudgingly, so do many others.

Father Michael is ready to evict the recovery group from the church because of Loudermilk’s bad behavior, but gives him one last chance: He can stay if he agrees to help Claire (Anja Savcic), the drug-addicted daughter of wealthy and recently widowed Jane Wilkes (Anna Galvin).

The series was created by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort, and while the notion of a lovable curmudgeon is hardly new, “Loudermilk” stands out for several reasons, first among them, the show’s beautifully realized scripts, followed closely behind by fascinating performances by Livingston, Savcic and others. Clearly, the writers have paid as much attention to the minor characters as they have the leads. There is an easy naturalism woven nicely into the show, with a focus on character as the driving elements of the story.

Speaking of driving, Jason Alexander co-created “Hit the Road” with Peter Tilden and Dean Craig. The series focuses on a family of musicians who drive around the country in a used RV, trying to get any gig they can. The family includes dad Ken (Alexander), a former used-car dealer from King of Prussia, Pa.; mom Meg (Amy Pietz); teenage daughter Ria (Natalie Sharp), who readily uses sex in a vain attempt to advance her career; son Alex (Nick Marini); dopey and doped, diminutive diva Casey (Maddie Dixon-Poirier); and adopted son Jermaine (Tim Johnson Jr.), who is given to nosebleeds and desperately wants out of the family band. We can identify.

The concept of the family band as the un-Partridge Family isn’t terrible. The execution is. The humor is nonexistent, the raunchiness misfires, the characters are tiresome, the scripts are childish and the performances embarrassing. The family’s last name is Swallow, which leads to a tedious string of obvious jokes that fall flat.

Given how small the bus is and how many Swallows there are, they make a rule for coexistence: no “No. 2s” in the RV. Unfortunately, there is a lot of No. 2 on “Hit the Road.” In fact, the show is full of it.

David Wiegand is an assistant managing editor and the TV critic of The San Francisco Chronicle. Follow him on Facebook. Email: Twitter: @WaitWhat_TV

SNOOZING VIEWERHit the Road: Comedy. 10 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17. AT&T Audience Network.

POLITE APPLAUSELoudermilk: Comedy. 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17. AT&T Audience Network.


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