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Welcome to LUMINOUS :: LAURA MENNELL ONLINE a site dedicated to Canadian actress and activist Laura Mennell.
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Your only premiere source for laura mennell

I know it’s been a while since I made an update, but I wanted to reintroduce my site dedicated to Laura’s ALPHAS co-star David Strathairn. David played the part of Dr. Lee Rosen, the head of the team. Please feel free to visit and peruse the site. I’m very proud of it and I hope you will be too. Click on the photo below or on the link in the sidebar under “Partner Sites”.

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PROJECT BLUE BOOK will be coming to San Diego Comic Con in 2019. There is no information as to who will be showing up from the show, however, in 2018 most of the main cast did show up, including Laura. Please click on the image below for more information and to buy tickets for the event.

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I’m sorry I didn’t make this post earlier. I got a little distracted with a computer issue and didn’t remember till now. I have added all of Laura’s HAVEN episode stills to the gallery. I would have made individual posts for each episode but there are over 300 images. I thought I’d just make one major post and link the images that way you can just go on over and look at them. Laura played the part of Dr. Charlotte Cross a woman with a bit of a mysterious past.

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Laura gave an extensive interview to MY71MAG on her career and her personal life. I have uploaded the scans into the gallery. Ironically in one of the photos for the pictorial, Laura is seen reading the book The UFO Experience written by J. Allen Hynek played by Aidan Gillan in the series. I want to personally thank Erin of MY71MAG for offering the tearsheets from the article for exclusive use on this site. Thank you Erin for your generosity. I’ve also copied the text of the article and added it Creative Connections. It’s a very lengthy article and I thought it would be easier to read the text rather than struggle with the scans.

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I was finally able to get all of Laura’s event images uploaded to the gallery with absolutely no failures. Amazing uh? Yes, finally done. I thought instead of making one post per event I’d just make one for the entire thing. Feel free to hit the image below and go to the section in the gallery. Thank you for your patience as I get this situation fixed. I’m hoping no more issues crop up.

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