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Apparently John, I’m naming him because he’s named me on his fanpage, has seen fit to take a screengrab of our many direct messages from Twitter into his diatribe. And face it, that’s what it is. It’s not constructive as he claims he wants to be. It’s a diatribe based on many falsehoods. So this post is to clarify things and to “air” my bad conduct. Obviously John failed to get a good screengrab of my worst offenses. Those of the worst part of my “attacking” him. So I’m going to post that here…for all to see…the dirtiest of the dirt I said. So here it comes……


As you can see here by the conversation we had on September 22, 2016, we had a very civil discussion and on my sign off to him I stated this:

Well John, I want to thank you for everything you gave me tonight, including the conversation. I enjoyed talking with you. Please take care and have a great upcoming weekend. Take care.

Apparently telling John I enjoyed our conversation, and wishing him a great weekend is not nice! Imagine my shock! So I guess that is my first “bad” behaviour. Then there is this discussion


On the above screengrap, I wish John a very early Happy Birthday. Apparently that is somehow a bad, bad, bad thing to do. That is apparently egregious behaviour worthy of scorn and contempt. So that is “abuse” and “harassment”. Didn’t know that…. I’ll make sure to adjust my behaviour accordingly.

So now we come to the coup de grace. In the message below I direct messaged John using capitals for certain words I wanted to emphasize. Now I know in online parlance, that is considered yelling or shouting. I didn’t know that the entirety of the message was harassment or what he considers attacking. I thought it was a civil response to something he felt a certain compunction to take public, as he did. In the bottom response to me, he apparently saw a need to get on another account after I blocked his Laura Mennell Fan and respond to me. If my definition of harassment is correct, I’d say this borders on stalking. So who is attacking who and who is harassing who?


So in all of the instances I provided, and I have copied the entire direct message transcript John and I had as my evidence, you will find nowhere have I attacked him. As for my experience in creating websites (WARNING: Cyber Shouting Ahead….) I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN CREATING WEBSITES! I once tried Tumblr and it’s not a website creator. It’s another social media platform just like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. An online friend of mine has a Tumblr page on an actor we both love and when she refers to her page, she refers to it as just that A PAGE! She has said my site on our shared crush is a real website. And I’m going to be blunt here, I understand that John has put out money to buy his images, however, I have my webspace I pay for, I pay for all my domains. My running costs per year are over $300.00 and that’s not including the event images, stills and some other graphics I use on the sites. This is not a hobby, this is a passion. I am self taught in web design. Nothing here is a form you fill out to insert the images, or other things such as gifs, or avatars. All of the stuff here is hand coded. I’m allowed to proud of the work I’ve done. While I’m sure that John is proud of the work he’s done, and he should be, giving advice or asking for some consideration in terms of not running to mom everytime there’s an issue would be appreciated. Instead John just has no filter for his behaviour, unlike most of us. While I do understand he has a disability, that does not give him carte blanche to say or do whatever he likes. Over the fifteen years I rode on a Para-Transit van with my elderly mother going to and from doctors’ appointments, I met a good cross-section of disabled people, a lot of them with worse disabilities than John and none of them acted like he has.

As for the images he says he gave me. Yes, he gave me some stills and other things of Laura, also some of Laura’s ALPHAS co-star Warren Christie and another actor I love. We were going to share some ALPHAS stills I was going to buy from a place that has rare stills and posters. The Hallmark asset I have found out is a free to sign up and use site. So anything he got for me from there I could have gotten myself…and now I have an account there. Some I already had on my hard drive. And as you can see from the screengrabs I posted, nowhere was I ever harassing him nor being mean or attacking him. I only asked for some consideration when it came to contacting me privately instead of tagging Laura all the damn time. Like she doesn’t have anything better to do than to address this kind of crap. This reciprocity is something that is part of the online fan community, however, it is not required of anyone to have to put up with this juvenile behaviour from someone who is old enough to know better. And I will not allow his most recent post to go unanswered. I’m allowed to defend myself and I’m allowed to say the truth of what actually happened, not his concoction.

Now as for the screencaps he “advised” me of. Here’s the thing, Laura contacted him personally and asked him to remove them. And here’s the thing I know is a little hard to understand…. Laura did not contact me! She has said nothing of what I may or may not post. Until she does then and only then will I address that at the time. But John has to understand this, just because she told him, that does not mean it pertains to me. That I said in the last direct message I sent to him. The one where I was attacking him and being this mean ole meanie.

I’m going to direct this solely at John: I remember a time where you responded to a post here on this site where I asked for some consideration regarding screencaps that I knew where being taken en masse and posted to another website. You opined that you didn’t steal them and I told you it wasn’t YOU I was responding to. I told you that. I have the conversation saved as proof that you came on to my site attacking me. You then with hubris said some drivel about my being jealous of your “site” and about your “relationship” with Laura. I told you at that time I was not jealous of your page, and certainly not jealous of your ONLINE conversations with Laura. In fact I was very happy for you. I suppose you forgot that? Yep. Ya did because it’s all about you…ALWAYS! It’s never about what you did to me, it’s all about YOU and your perception of an offense you created in your mind that was against you. Well I’m not going to allow you to spin, spin, spin your version of the story when you don’t have the truth on your side. And that is a fact! As I said I’m allowed to defend myself when I feel I’ve been attacked unfairly. You’ve tweeted on your feed that you have been subjected to “harassment & attacks” from me. And Rory @fm2016rory responded with “concern” for “all you’d been through at the evil hands of the wicked ole meanie who upset you”. Are you going to share with Rory the screengrabs of the REAL part of the conversation where I am being kind and considerate and wishing you a happy birthday? Likely not. That doesn’t fit into your script.


John, the next time you want to say things, please make sure you have the absolute proof of it instead of your concocted fiction. It helps when discriminating that truth. He claims he wants positivity, well I’d like an apology for his conduct, but he won’t give it to me because he feels his spleen has been displaced. Then he goes into this copycat mentality by saying he’s doing to remove his fanpage. Copycat behaviour is so passe.

So in closing, I’m going to leave this post up for a little while so that anyone actually wanting to see the lows of my depravity, may do so. Leave a comment or two on what you think of my horridness please. It might help me in correcting them. The previous statement is what is called sarcasm John, should you be reading this, it’s not an admission of bad behaviour. However, I’m going to issue this advice to you. The next time you want to say things about someone and post crap, make sure you have actual proof of it. It might help you in actually proving your case, because what you have posted in your ridiculous rebuttal, is proof of my willingness to be civil. If you don’t like my sur-rebuttal, then all I have to say to you is TOUGH! Thems the breaks there pal. Don’t like it, don’t engage and certainly quit bothering Laura with your schoolyard tactics. I won’t lie down and take your lying and drama. I had some other things I was going to say, but I’ll leave it at this. You said you’re scared…. I’m scared by your sheer audacity. You don’t want negativity…. then don’t spread it, and don’t act like the victim because you’re not.

Yours, Dianne

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